How to Paint Over High Gloss

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How to Paint Over High Gloss

How to paint over high gloss – I’m not sure if you have actually discovered, yet the plaster cornice throughout your house is covered in gloss paint. Traditionally in a residence of our age, it would certainly have been repainted with a lime clean, which absolutely wouldn’t have been shiny as well as shiny. We are likewise going for a more modern coating and also gloss paint simply would not select the appearance we are trying to accomplish.

This is what the cornice was like when we relocated.

How To Paint Over Gloss - Little House On The Corner

We attempted stripping the cornice with a chemical pole dancer as well as partly additionally tried to use the warm weapon. Absolutely nothing actually worked as well as often we most likely made things even worse, as when littles the paint did come off often bits of the plaster would break short with it, also. You can see, that we unintentionally broke short the corner of the coving.

If you repaint over gloss paint with typical matt solution, it simply will not stick and just glides almost everywhere. Trust me, we attempted. Even if you do handle to cover it, the shininess of the gloss eventually comes through once more.

In contrast to the more elaborate coving of the Victorian period, our cornice is a lot more underrated and easy, which was liked by the Edwardians. However it would still be practically impossible to sand all the grooves, and also the hrs it would take. Luckily we located an alternative.

How To Paint Over High Gloss Paint Without Sanding:

how to paint over high gloss paint without sanding

This is how to paint over high gloss paint without sanding:

  1. It’s essential to have clean and also grease-free surface areas to repaint on. We made use of sugar soap to clean down the area and afterwards allow it dry completely.
  2. Then, we primed the area with this Super Grip Primer. We just needed one coat of primer, as it abided by the gloss paint truly well.
  3. That was it. After letting the primer dry, we can just repaint the surface like we normally would with the solution that we utilize to repaint the ceiling.

Store The Tools & Supplies For This Project

Utilizing the primer was truly very easy therefore much quicker than having to sand the area. This is certainly the simplest method to paint over gloss paint.

A lot of the fractures and also imperfections that were accentuated because of the glossy finish are now barely visible.

The entire space is so much cleaner and brighter than before.

PS. This primer is useful if you wish to paint over gloss paint with emulsion. If you wish to repaint over gloss with gloss there’s no demand to use it. Simply offer the surface area a tidy and also sand prior to painting.

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